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Robert F. Martwick Jr Announces Candidacy for State Representative

Sep 19, 2011

Chicago Robert F. Martwick Jr, has announced that he is a candidate for State Representative in the 19th Representative District.

"Today I am formally announcing my candidacy as a Democrat for the 19th State Representative District. I was born here and have chosen to spend my life here," said Martwick. "I take a lot of pride in our community and also in being an Illinoisan. Our state faces a number of very substantial challenges. We need elected officials who will speak honestly about the problems we face and make the tough decisions to fix them. I will go to Springfield and fight on behalf of every person in our community and in our state."

The campaign will focus on issues important to working men and women inour community. Martwick said, "I believe in the spirit of the American working family and know that we have the ability and the strength to solve our problems. Our best days are yet to come."

Martwick served as a Norridge Village Trustee, (1999 - 2011) where he was the Chairman of Economic Development Committee. He also served as Norwood Park Township Trustee, (1993 - 1997) where he was Chairman of NPT Youth Commission. He had previously worked as an Assistant State's Attorney, where he prosecuted domestic abusers and deadbeat parents. The primary election will be in March, 2012.

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